Top 5 Bozeman Albums of 2012

Posted on: December 31, 2012 by Brian Thabault

As 2012 comes to a close, We chose our five favorite local releases of this year, granted there are some well deserving albums that may be missing from this list, we tried to choose some of the more up and coming artists than those who are already established.

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5. Dub Sultan – Dub Sultan

With styles ranging from Middle Eastern reggae, funky hip-hop, and progressive hard rock, Dub Sultan delivers an extremely different listening experience from the typical Bozeman sounds. This album could have been produced anywhere in the world, but it was made right here in our own backyard. With an equal emphasis placed on musical originality and party rocking rhythms, Dub Sultan comes with a super unique blend that is alway’s an adventure to listen to.

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4. David Dalla G – Davidology

A west-coast transplant, David Dalla G continues to make up-beat and positive hip hop music here in Bozeman. His flows are crisp and clear, guaranteed to get the party moving. On Davidology, he draws from a large pool of producers to create a truly diverse album. Lyrically, David Dalla G proves himself to be a seasoned storyteller. On ‘The Party’ he and collaborator Mic-B tells the story of an imaginary party of all his favorite music idols who have passed away. With lot’s of shows and tours in the plans, expect to hear more from David in 2013.

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3. Hemingway – Balance

A debut release from Vermont native Will Hemingway, this homegrown hip-hop album is Hemingway’s introduction to the game. His tight flows and lyrical precision not only prove his worth on the mic, but also offer a glimpse into the mind of the man behind the voice. Backed by beats by onomono and the voice of Michal Madeline, Hemingway delivers his rhymes with intensity and grace. Lyrically, Hemingway delves deep into the art of rap, throwing around double meanings and triple entendres is no problem for the MC. On ‘Wakin Up’, Hemingway celebrates the party lifestyle, while at the same time, outlining the problems such a lifestyle can entail. It’s his attention to content and detail that will propel Hemingway ahead in his future work.

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2. In Walks Bud – Take Time

For their fourth studio album, In Walks Bud continues on their quest to make feel-good reggae infused rock music. Take Time is a tightly produced album with clean vocals drenched in reverb and rhythms that beg to be danced to. As anybody who has attended a live show of theirs can tell you, dancing is exactly what happens. This album glows with good vibrations and is the perfect companion for a day in the sun, or even in your headphones as you hit the slopes.

1. onomono – Windows

This album is a collaboration between experimental producer Shane Johnson and the talented vocalist Michal Madeline. The production style is thickly layered with synths, samples, and massively complex drum patters. Michal’s vocals create a backbone for the glitchy sonic structure, and she creates a hauntingly beautiful aura throughout the album. The mood of the songs ranges from up-beat almost danceable tracks, to dark and brooding electronic anthems. The album as a whole hovers miles above other local sounds, and has the potential to compete on an international level.

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Posted on: December 31, 2012 by Brian Thabault