ONOMONO – Vermillion Break EP

Posted on: May 2, 2012 by Brian Thabault

With his new EP Vermillion Break, ONOMONO unveils a world of pulsing melodies and layered samples. The mood of the four track set blends a spectrum of sounds, from intense break beats to obscure floating melodies. Mysterious, and at times bizarre, the EP packs an auditory punch to the eardrums.

ONOMONO’s debut album A View From the Second Layer is also available from bandcamp, it is also available in a CD/DVD combination that features full length music videos for each track. It is a deep and incredibly complex project. The videos are made by colorizing, tweaking, and generally freaking out old ephemeral films to the point that they become dense visual landscapes that bend and break to the beat. The experience is not to be missed, and you can check it out IN PERSON, before the videos are released online, at the THEORY MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY, 7PM MAY 2nd at The Cottonwood Club. You can also purchase the DVD/CD combo from ONOMONO for $8.

Here is Heaves Sake, with original video from the A View From the Second Layer, enjoy.



Posted on: May 2, 2012 by Brian Thabault