OCCUPY Bozeman

Posted on: March 12, 2012 by Brian Thabault

In solidarity with the global OCCUPY movement, OCCUPY Bozeman is organizing a march against big banking in America. On Wednesday March 14th at noon, the group will meet in front of Wells Fargo and march down Main Street to US Bank.

The purpose of this action is to raise awareness about the predatory lending practices of American big banks, and to encourage locals to take their money out of such banks. OCCUPY Bozeman gathers regularly in public spaces for general assemblies to organize actions that draw attention to the inequalities and injustices perpetrated on the 99%. They use a process of consensus and respectful dialogue, and have no hierarchy or leaders.

Why? Big banks are for-profit and serve shareholders rather than account holders. They get those profits from higher fees, interest rates, and by re-selling high-risk loans to investors.
-OCCUPY Bozeman

You can read an article by Jim Macdonald called “Foreclose on Wells Fargo: So Many Reasons to Divest” at rockymt.org

OCCUPY Bozeman Montana March against Wells Fargo 12 2012

To get involved with the OCCUPY movement or to read assembly notes and write ups from past protests and days of action, visit occupybozeman.org.

You can read more about OCCUPY and other topics over at Northern Rockies Independent Media Network.



Posted on: March 12, 2012 by Brian Thabault