Marina Danic – Morning Landscapes

Posted on: October 10, 2013 by Gregory Swain

Marina Danic is a Photographer and Filmmaker who lives and works between Belgrade, Chicago, and Serbia.  Her work in photography is focused on natural light, movement, introspection, and situational contexts.  The series “Morning Landscapes” is inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s America where he urges us not to look from outside to cinema, but from cinema to outside.  Danic’s work is the enlightening photojournalistic account of a true visionary traveller.

Marina Danic, Beyond the Blue, Theory Magazine

Beyond the Blue

Marina Danic, When Light, Theory Magazine

When Light


Marina Danic, Comes into the Room, Theory Magazine

Comes into the Room

Marina Danic, While She is Dreaming, Theory Magazine
While She is Dreaming
Marina Danic, The White Dream, Theory Magazine

The White Dream

Marina Danic, In White Sheets, Theory Magazine

In White Sheets

Marina Danic, It Wakes Her Up, Theory Magazine

It Wakes Her Up

Marina Danic, In a Rush, Theory Magazine

In a Rush

Marina Danic, White Dream Becomes White Flame, Theory Magazine

White Dream Becomes White Flame

Marina Danic, Dissapearing in the Garden, Theory Magazine

Dissapearing in the Garden

Marina Danic, Between Las Vegas and Her, Theory Magazine

Between Las Vegas and Her

Marina Danic, The Never-ending Road, Theory Magazine

The Never-ending Road

Marina’s fantastic works are created using analog cameras without digital retouching.  She says this series “is dedicated to those dream-like moments that address reality as mystified or exciting.”

To see more of Marina Danic’s work, please visit the artist’s website.











Posted on: October 10, 2013 by Gregory Swain