Kendall Elijah – The Wild

Posted on: March 6, 2012 by Brian Thabault

The East Coast introspective style of Kendall Elijah is highlighted by filmmaker Jared Soule in “The Wild”. Kendall’s smooth delivery and conceptual lyrics blend perfectly with Jared’s warm vintage style of cinematography. It’s an airy beat with heavy lyrics, all accented with beautiful imagery. Hip Hop is alive and well.

Kendall Elijah is an up and coming hip hop artist from Maryland. You can hear more of his tracks, and download his brand new ep featuring “The Wild” at

Jared Soule is a photographer and filmmaker hailing from Vermont. You can see more of his videos on Vimeo or check out his photography at

A Brief Note from the Editor.

This is the first effort of THEORY to bridge out beyond our Montana foundations and incorporate artists from other areas of the country. It is my belief that art is a unifying force in our small world. The goal of THEORY is be a channel of sharing and promotion all over the land. We encourage any artists from anywhere on this earth to submit their work.

-Brian Thabault Editor, Theory Magazine



Posted on: March 6, 2012 by Brian Thabault