Hemingway – BALANCE The Mixtape

Posted on: November 4, 2012 by Brian Thabault

Here are some fresh sounds from Hemingway, a local Bozeman MC and producer. BALANCE is his debut mixtape. It was produced and mastered out of a home studio by the masterful Onomono (AKA Shane Johnson) The beats are a mix of re-worked material from the Onomono Archive, originals from Hemingway, and collaborative works between the two masterminds with the aid of Theory Magazine editor Brian Thabault. They range from glitchy arrangements with obscure layers and depths, to simple sample driven anthems, to sub-bumping elemental hip hop. Hemingway’s lyrical stylings not only showcase his incredible rhyming dexterity, but also explore the ups and downs of the party and music lifestyle. With infectious hooks, and endlessly quotable lines, Hemingway’s lyrics are the kind that you need to listen to a few times to pick up on all the nuances. Even after ten times through a track, you will continue to pick up new things. Additional vocals are provided by the multi-faceted female vocalist Michal Madeline on Grindstone and Alien. Dan “The Man” Mangum contributed his melodies and voice to the collaborative final track of the mixtape, Ear Pillow. Listen, download, and enjoy!

BALANCE is available for FREE to listen and download below.

Keep an ear out for new releases from all parties involved in this project, there is a new mixtape in the works from Hemingway, as well as a Onomono/Michal Madeline collab on the way!

Contact Hemingway at holla@hemingwaymusic.com



Posted on: November 4, 2012 by Brian Thabault